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What Our Customer Says

Mr. K.L. Singh


I opted for GDA services from Max@Home and even though I was initially sceptical about the services and whether it’d be as good as the nurse in providing care. However, I was just surprised to see the healthcare attendant was as good as the nurse. It has made a difference in my recovery, and I can say I’m definitely getting better....Read More

Pallavi Shrivastava

New Delhi

My name is Pallavi Shrivastava, and I was suffering from severe kidney problems that required me to have a critical care attendant at home. I opted for Critical Nursing Care from Max@Home and honestly, this added years to my life. The services are excellent and patient care is of the highest standards. Their dedicated staff and regular visits from the doctors and physiotherapists helped me recover faster....Read More

Sunil Singh


My name is Sunil Singh, and last year I suffered from a severe cerebrovascular accident. Needless to say, my family was scared, and I underwent surgery at the Max Institute of Neurosciences. I recovered but still needed some support. After opting for home care services from Max@Home, I started seeing an improvement in my condition. I was at home and got that environment where I was mentally prepared to take on the challenges. The healthcare attendants were really compassionate and were caring for me like they were my family members....Read More


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