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Health Attendants at home

Is one of your parents or grandparents in the ICU or an inpatient at a hospital? Do your parents or grandparents live far away, making it difficult for you to take care of them? If so, we have a solution for you: Max@Home nursing care At Max@Home, you can get a trained medical attendant for the care of the elderly who will make sure that your parents or grandparents are looked after properly. Our home attendants for the elderly are trained to ensure that your loved ones get all the care they need in the comfort of their homes. What services do our home care attendants and elder caregivers offe...

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Why Choose Max@Home?

1. Expertise You Can Trust

Max@Home boasts a team of more than 500 on-roll certified care providers, such as doctors, nurses, phlebotomists, patient attendants, and technicians, who are trained extensively before they’re deployed in the field. Also, experts at Max@Home have over two decades of experience. So, you can expect nothing but the best care.

2. Comprehensive Services

No matter what your loved ones need: physiotherapy, blood work, sample collection, critical care, nursing, medicine delivery, medical equipment, help to go to the bathroom, company, etc., our experts at Max@Home can do it all from the comfort of your loved ones' homes.

3. Human Touch

Elderly caregivers or private home attendants at Max@Home not only deal with medical complications, but they also talk to patients, make them feel lively, positive, and energetic, and act as companions, all of which contribute to a speedy recovery.

4. Innovation at Its Best

Max@Home has the best and most innovative methods to ensure reliable at-home care. For instance, Max@Home is the only organized player that offers services such as x-rays at home and ECGs, along with industry-first services such as infection surveillance, compartmentalized sample collection, physiotherapy exercise regimes, etc.

5. Light on Your Pocket

We know how expensive medical care has become in recent times. Keeping this in mind, our at-home care services are available at affordable prices. This way, you can ensure quality healthcare for your loved ones without burning a hole in your pocket.

How can you bring home our Critical Care Services with these simple steps:

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What are the duties of a health attendant?
Common duties include giving oral medication as per the prescription, maintaining hygiene, regular monitoring of the patient's vitals such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation, circulation, collection of blood samples, taking patients to the washroom, etc. However, if you think your patient requires additional care, you can mention this to our team at Max@Home, and we'll make sure that your request is catered to.

FAQs on At-Home Care

1. What is the meaning of "patient attendant"?
A patient attendant, or patient care attendant, is a trained professional who acts as a caregiver for those who cannot take care of themselves, such as elderly people living alone, disabled individuals, etc. 

2. Who is a patient caretaker?
Patient caretakers, also known as nursing assistants, are professionals who provide medical assistance to patients in their homes.

3. How much does elderly care cost in India?
The answer to this question depends on the duration for which the attendant is hired. For instance, if a patient attendant is hired for a 12-hour shift, the cost will be less than hiring a patient attendant for 24/7 service. Also, the cost depends on the services the attendant is hired for. However, if you're looking for affordable elderly care for your loved ones, you can contact Max@Home. You can list your requirements, and we'll help you with an affordable quote.

4. Is a female attendant available?
Yes. Some elderly females find it quite uncomfortable if their caregiver or patient attendant is a male. Keeping this in mind, Max@Home also offers female attendants if the need arises.

5. Who’s the best medical attendant near me?
If you live in or around the NCR region, Chandigarh tri-city, or Dehradun, Max@Home is the best home care provider.

6.Do you provide a patient caretaker for senior citizens?
Yes, Max@Home caters to the needs of senior citizens pretty well.

What Our Customer Says

Pallavi Shrivastava

New Delhi

My name is Pallavi Shrivastava, and I was suffering from severe kidney problems that required me to have a critical care attendant at home. I opted for Critical Nursing Care from Max@Home and honestly, this added years to my life. The services are excellent and patient care is of the highest standards. Their dedicated staff and regular visits from the doctors and physiotherapists helped me recover faster....Read More

Mr. Saurav Tyagi


I cannot thank Max@Home enough for the kind gesture that they have shown; I tried my best but could not find a chemist who would deliver medicines late in the night. My child was suffering from a high fever, and when I asked to order medicines online at 1 AM in the morning, I was not expecting them to deliver right away. However, the Max got me in touch with Abhishek who coordinated a minimal yet very important online medicine delivery for my son. My heartfelt thanks to the team for being incredibly proactive and caring like a family....Read More

Mayank Verma


The services provided by Max@Home were truly a blessing. The spontaneous and efficient service was commendable. The Physiotherapists were extremely polite and efficient as service providers. Always-on time and providing extremely professional service. Thanks!...Read More