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Nursing care at home

Nursing Care at Home When someone you care about suffers from significant and persistent health problems, you may think of nursing homes located nearby as the only option. MAX@Home can help you take care of your family member's medical needs in the comfort of their home, thanks to their home nursing services. Max@Home provides high-quality, one-on-one medical care and attention even outside the hospital. Our healthcare providers are selected carefully to meet your loved one's specific requirements. Our well-trained in-home nurses provide excellent services and meet your demands by providing yo...

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Nursing Care Services

Medication management

Travelling to doctor appointments for infusions and injections may be challenging, especially as one ages or becomes ill. Our nurses help with medication administration at home, relieving your family of medication concerns.

Nurse visits

There are several advantages to receiving focused, one-on-one medical treatment in the comfort and familiarity of one's own home. We collaborate with you and your loved ones to create highly personalised care plans that allow them to live their lives as independently as possible.

Care management

Registered nurses at MAX@Home conduct medical assessments and monitor vital signs, reporting directly to doctors to ensure optimal care management and continuity of care, whether expert hospice support, enteral feeding support, or ventilator support.

Nursing services for elderly

At MAX@Home, we focus primarily on your parent's health and safety. As a result, you will be able to provide your parents with high-quality nursing care while also being there to support them in any manner they require. You would no longer have to live in constant fear of being separate from your parents. The nurses will check their health constantly and keep you informed.

What Are the advantages of Our In-Home Nursing Services?
Our in-home care has several advantages. Apart from being more convenient than hospitalization or nursing home care, nursing care at home also aids in a patient's recovery. It has been shown that individuals heal more quickly from sickness or injury when surrounded by their loved ones. The benefits of our in-home nursing services are as follows:
Professional Nursing Care & Supervision at Home
MAX@Home offers in-home nursing services and healthcare at home to meet the needs of people with serious health problems.
The nursing staff offers skilled training to carers and everyone engaged in the care-at-home process. They supervise care delivery and ensure that the care plan meets the client's requirements.
Nursing services include the provision of health care referrals or recommendations to maintain or improve your well-being. Ramp installation, appointments with therapists, the use of durable medical devices, or oxygen supplementation are some examples.
Specific clients benefit from having a nurse accompany them to their doctors or other health care practitioners because they may communicate pertinent information about the client's condition to the approved professionals. It could help clients and their families understand and carry out instructions for follow-up care and keep track of appointments.

How can you bring home our Nursing Care at Home / Nursing Care Services with these simple steps:

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What Our Customer Says

Mayank Verma


The services provided by Max@Home were truly a blessing. The spontaneous and efficient service was commendable. The Physiotherapists were extremely polite and efficient as service providers. Always-on time and providing extremely professional service. Thanks!...Read More

Pallavi Shrivastava

New Delhi

My name is Pallavi Shrivastava, and I was suffering from severe kidney problems that required me to have a critical care attendant at home. I opted for Critical Nursing Care from Max@Home and honestly, this added years to my life. The services are excellent and patient care is of the highest standards. Their dedicated staff and regular visits from the doctors and physiotherapists helped me recover faster....Read More

Mr. Saurav Tyagi


I cannot thank Max@Home enough for the kind gesture that they have shown; I tried my best but could not find a chemist who would deliver medicines late in the night. My child was suffering from a high fever, and when I asked to order medicines online at 1 AM in the morning, I was not expecting them to deliver right away. However, the Max got me in touch with Abhishek who coordinated a minimal yet very important online medicine delivery for my son. My heartfelt thanks to the team for being incredibly proactive and caring like a family....Read More